About Us


What makes us different?

The attitude towards the customer in Mania is the same, as the one towards every employee – honest, exact and respectful. We aim at achieving a real friendship with our customers, so that they can feel extraordinary in our shops. This friendship is the core of the unique atmosphere in Mania Stores. We call it The Spirit of Mania.


Our Team

Our team incorporates professionals with experience in the second hand clothing industry and specialists in specific fields. We are all united by our positive thinking and the constant desire to learn and improve. We all work in a team, in order to advance every activity we undertake with maximum professionalism. We believe that our values are the reason for our success.


Where can you find us?

Currently there are Mania Stores all over Bulgaria, as well as in Athens, Greece and Bucharest, Romania. You can find more information about the most convenient for you Mania Store here.

We have offices in Varna, Bulgaria and Sofia, Bulgaria and  wholesale bases in Chirpan, Bulgaria and Sofia, Bulgaria. You can contact us here.

  1. Mission

    Mania stores to become a place where ordinary people can feel at home, have fun and without spending a fortune to become extraordinary.

  2. Values

    Loyal and honest attitude towards the customer. Fair and respectful attitude towards employees. Constant learning and improving ourselves. Strive to change. To be professional in everything we undertake. Teamwork. Positive thinking. As a result of the first seven – profit.

  3. Vision

    We intend to build Mania Team as a symbol of trust and transparency. To be a team of clients, employees, franchise partners and business owners with common goals and interests.