Mania is a socially responsible company that seeks to develop a sustainable business. As a conscientious corporate citizen Mania is trying to make the world a better place. In Mania we believe that we can be truly useful only if you are dedicated and committed to a cause. Our cause is cancer patients. We chose a partner foundation "Nana Gladwish - one of 8".

Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer disease in Bulgaria. More than 46,000 women in the country have this diagnosis, each year there are over 3000 new cases. 1200 women die of breast cancer each year in our country.

The main work of the "Nana Gladwish - One 8", since its creation in 2013, is keeping the club in which women can find help and support in their fight with the diagnosis of breast cancer. It offers practical information and consultation groups for assistance, Yogalates classes and yoga laughter, Art therapy, legal advice, consultations with professional makeup artist and others. All these activities are offered free of charge to the needy. At present the cost of the foundation is entirely by donations from individual and corporate donors.