Where do second hand clothes come from?

The clothes in Mania Stores come from Denmark, Switzerland and USA.  The clothes collecting is executed from companies with expertise in the field that are our intermediaries. The clothes are gathered in wearhouses and prepared for shipping. The clothes are disinfected, disinsectised and issued a "Certificate of deworming". Most of the merchandise is sold in Europe and Russia and a smaller part in Africa. Through the sale of merchandise, also humaniatiran projects in developing countries are financed.    

How are the clothes processed, before they reach Mania Stores?

Upon arrival by water or land transport, the clothes are stored in the manufacturing base of Mania Team. The processing of the merchandise includes: sorting by quality and seasonality, washing and drying, packaging and storing. After the merchandise is processed, it is moved to the central wearhouse in Varna and the 2 regional ones in Sofia and Chirpan. The manufacturing and warehouse facilities, as well as the washing one incorporate a total area of 5 000 sq. m. and are situated in the city of Varna. There are 70 employees working in the facilities and every month more than 500 000 kg. of merchandise go through the facilities.    

Why second hand clothes?

• Because they are unique. Your neighbour will not have the same outfit. • Because they are modern and most often only from one season before. • Because many of the clothes are new and have never been worn. • Because second hand clothes are at affordable prices. • Because it is pleasant to have the opportunity to find the best brands of clothes for you, by browsing through a big variety. • Because the bed and linen, even in 5 star hotels, is used multiple times.